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Unlimited possibilities of shape, size and functions allow you to create a unique mirror as part of the interior.

Unlimited possibilities

of shape, size, materials and functions allow you to create a unique mirror as part of the interior


Reliable manufacturer

since 1994, more than 11,000 realizations throughout Europe (end clients and B2B). We are #1.


Full Servis

from design, through focus, production, import to installation and delivery. We are used to exceeding your expectations.


Modern technology

State-of-the-art LED technology guarantees maintenance-free operation, long service life and low energy consumption. Modern materials are the basis of light and safe construction. Tailor-made electronics ensure simple and intuitive operation (touch and non-contact).

Touch of light

In addition to switching the light on and off, you can also control the light using the contact surfaces of the switches. You can change the intensity and temperature of the biodynamic LED light. No separate switch required to turn demisting on or off. It can be combined with lighting or backlighting. Also, the lighting and backlight may not have a separate switch. You can control them together. That means one switch on the mirror is all you need to control lighting, backlighting and demisting.

Our Story


1994 1st van

Hard beginnings

Dear fan of modern design, I have to admit something to you. My parents taught me a lot and from an early age they echoed me:

“If you want to do something right, you have to do it with all your heart.” So in May 1994, I decided to dedicate my whole life to beautifying our homes and putting more than my whole heart into it – my whole life. I remember I had only one thought in my head at the time.

I remember when we were producing our first mirror for a young family in Michalovce 4 months later, still in a makeshift workshop in the garage at the mother-in-law, I still had the same idea in my head.

And today, 27 years later, with every single mirror, from design through production to its assembly and removal, I still have only one and the same idea in my head:

"To bring a world-class mirror and state-of-the-art design to your home that would evoke admiring glances in the eyes of each of your visitors for many decades."

Hard Work

You won’t believe me, but when I was looking for a nice mirror for us in the times after the Czech-Slovak division, we had to travel at least to Germany.

No one in Slovakia or the Czech Republic has done it with all their heart, and we could only find what you can find today: ordinary or dull mirrors that try to “blind the customer’s eyes” at the lowest price, otherwise – at the expense of quality and durability.

That’s why we’ve been doing what we’ve been since we were found – we travel and draw ideas at some of the world’s finest design exhibitions, especially in Italy and Germany.

Why? So that we can produce an even better product for you.

Since 1994, we have been bringing unsurpassed German quality and timeless Italian design to your households at fair prices.

1996 First exhibition

2020 The Latest Showroom


Thank you for your daily words of praise and your ever-increasing demands for quality, luxury and efficiency, because after 25 years we are proud to have made us what we are: A unit in the production of mirrors in Czechoslovakia.

For our team, Martin Fabián Founder

PS: We have one practical tip for you – if you are planning a reconstruction or construction in the near future, make an electricity supply in the wall behind the planned mirror and also a place for one mirror supply for the switches. This will save you a few hours of drilling, chopping, grouting later, and you won’t have to compromise on mirror lighting.

New Models




They represent simplicity combined with light, which is a function of the backlight of the mirror and thus emphasizes the surrounding space. The result is the impression that he “floats on the wall and floats in space.”


Each dimension, location and purpose of the mirror has its appropriate width and position of lighting. The same applies to the position and type of backlight.


It represents a harmonious harmonization of functional lighting and pleasant backlighting into a demonstration unit. Lighting strip up, backlight up and down.


You can choose between the lighting temperature and the backlight temperature, which is suitable to combine perfectly under other conditions.




Ostia is a combination of two originally separate mirrors.

In this implementation, it is a circle with MILANO A10 lighting placed on a backlit rectangle EMPOLI R1.

There are more options. Can you imagine others? Maybe more beautiful?
As with all our mirrors, there is still a lot of room for its individualization, its adaptation to you and your ideas.

What lighting temperature will we use, where will we place the backlight, how will we control them?

These are the questions that will allow us to adapt it to your interior.


"I found you from the Internet. I appreciate your professional and friendly approach to the customer very positively. I am very satisfied with the product. I would unreservedly recommend your company further."
"Mr. Fabian, I have to thank you, those mirrors look perfect. They shine in such a way that everyone who saw them admired them. So please replace the third without lighting with a larger one with lighting. The boys were perfect at the assembly."
"We had a mirror from you in our first apartment and we were very happy with it. Now we are building a house and we have ordered a mirror from you again, because you have the most beautiful mirrors.”

…and hundreds of other happy customers.

Join thousands of demanding clients

More than 27 years of experience, more than 11,000 realizations throughout Europe, end customers and the B2B segment, hotels, developers, shopping centers. If you are looking for a bespoke mirror of world quality and state-of-the-art design, you have just found us.

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We care more

For each realization, you will now receive, among other things, our new specialized product with nano-technology for perfect care of your unique mirror.


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Our mission is to bring to your home a mirror of world quality and state-of-the-art design, which would evoke admiring glances in the eyes of each of your visitors for many decades.

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